Rust and Stardust

Right, we know the drill.

Next picture in …3…2…1…

20180630 London L1055905 Rust And Stardust resized

It is evening. The summer sun is beginning to dip below the horizon. I hold my camera lightly as I walk along the streets near Paddington. A bridge suspended above the rail tracks, lined with ageing panels. Streaks of rust and cracked paint. Look through viewfinder, set to f/5.6, 1/45s, ISO-800.

Pause, compose, breathe… click!

I take the picture and continue on my journey.

A few months pass. It is late afternoon. The sky is overcast and the chill of the autumn breeze cuts through my coat. I enter the Tate Modern. The elevators glide effortlessly to the fourth floor. Sculpted pieces, hanging paintings, grainy photographs, blaring audio recordings and flickering  video streams – I admire the art in the enclosed spaces.

Look, pause, breathe, reflect.

I see a new way of seeing a scene.

A few hours later, I sit at my desk. It is past my bedtime. The selected image fills the LCD monitor. How does one capture beauty in service and silent decay?

Crop. Edit. Tweak. Save.

I search online for a suitable caption.
The words of a poem might work here.

Upload. Tag. Share.



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