Thunderstorm 201502111639

I feel the skies darkening

The tension builds, the clouds swirl
Suddenly it is all around me

Lttle rivers of mud appear at my feet
Is it the water or the wind
That cools my cheek?

An immense sadness and relief
floods my world

I cry as I remember the falling rain

When I am six [o]

Unravelling 202011132144

Ah yes, the great outdoors

Beckoning softly as my mind unravels,
Like a toilet roll bouncing
Down a gentle-sloping, grassy hill…

And the neighbours may have noticed,
If they look through my window…

Assuming its a window,
And not a taped-up photo of a rare sunny day
Of what life might be like if the sun was outside my window,
As seen through my window…

Or maybe my life is the window
And I’m looking through the world,
Wondering why the little pigeon is sat on the sill…

What a silly pigeon,
Sitting on a window sill,
Do you feel my pane… [o]

Wardrobe Malfunction 202101311732 

Technically, it was…

A pair of misbehaving new socks…
A new pair of misbehaving socks…
A misbehaving pair of new socks…
A new misbehaving pair of socks…

Anyway, the socks sucked!

So I shall make a fresh attempt this evening

With fresh socks [o]