Precious, Life 201702100746

Life is meaningless,
Life is precious

Fine soil, streaming through our fingers
Days spent on mindless tasks

Worship money, justify suffering
Of others and ourselves, an endless pursuit

Everywhere, the poor and the infirm are the same
Walking past, how we avert our eyes

Ascribing meaning to that which has none –
Of precious things, we lose our sight [o]

Unravelling 202011132144

Ah yes, the great outdoors

Beckoning softly as my mind unravels,
Like a toilet roll bouncing
Down a gentle-sloping, grassy hill…

And the neighbours may have noticed,
If they look through my window…

Assuming its a window,
And not a taped-up photo of a rare sunny day
Of what life might be like if the sun was outside my window,
As seen through my window…

Or maybe my life is the window
And I’m looking through the world,
Wondering why the little pigeon is sat on the sill…

What a silly pigeon,
Sitting on a window sill,
Do you feel my pane… [o]

Writer’s Block 202004120652

Imagine, if you will…

You’re here
An icy desert, a thought wasteland.

All around, snow and more snow.
Endless potential and certain death.

Not a penguin for miles.
No one to ‘Arctic-ulate’ the pain you feel.

Obstacles are here
Like polar bears and frostbite –
Best not to think too hard.

Distractions are like warm fires –
Rather nice but they melt the ice
And leave you with nothing to stand on.

Creative blocks, on the other hand,
Like blocks of snow
Can save your life…

If used to build an igloo [o]

Life Is A Potato 201808022354

Today is a good day to start.

Technically, today is tomorrow’s yesterday.

Which would imply that
If I procrastinated this decision yesterday,
Saying “I will do it tomorrow”,
Then today would be the day to do it.

It is almost midnight

So if I don’t post this now,
Then I will be doing so tomorrow,
Which would be yesterday’s tomorrow’s tomorrow.

And that wouldn’t make any sense.

Life is a potato [o]