Writer’s Block 202004120652

Imagine, if you will…

You’re here
An icy desert, a thought wasteland.

All around, snow and more snow.
Endless potential and certain death.

Not a penguin for miles.
No one to ‘Arctic-ulate’ the pain you feel.

Obstacles are here
Like polar bears and frostbite –
Best not to think too hard.

Distractions are like warm fires –
Rather nice but they melt the ice
And leave you with nothing to stand on.

Creative blocks, on the other hand,
Like blocks of snow
Can save your lifeā€¦

If used to build an igloo [o]

The World Is A Buffet 201808032318

The world is a buffet
So many delights

We can be anything and anyone
But there are limits on our time –

So, you don’t like what you’re getting right now?
Come! join the queue again.

Time is passing,
Lunch is soon over,
And there is no shortage of rice [o]