The World Is A Buffet

“The world is a buffet
so many sensual delights
and yet I stuff my face with rice”

I remember the first time I went to an ‘all-you-can-eat’ buffet.
It was mind blowing! So much food on display, an endless array of choices,
And no one standing around to tell me how much I could eat.
( I was a fat kid so hey! this was my own brand of heaven…)

I had it all mapped out – I would eat EVERYTHING!
Because, you know, this opportunity may not come round again.
And besides, leaving all that food uneaten might be a crime in some universe out there.

Good plan!

So I waddled over to the buffet with a happy happy smile,
Filled my plate continuously until chunks of food started to fall off the edges,
And then made my way back to my table.
I ate steadily, my thoughts consumed by the thought of all the food yet to be consumed.
It wasn’t long before I was standing back at the buffet.

Three trips later, I was done.
And I was barely into the main course options.

It was an emotional experience.
I had failed miserably to make a dent in the buffet.
And so much was still left untasted.

What went wrong?

The choices I made, as it turns out.

I had planned to eat several meals that afternoon.
That was the only way I figured I could eat everything.
I was unaware that it was unnecessary to eat a meal-size portion of every dish
To decide if I liked it or not.
I held the ingrained idea that I need to finish everything on my plate,
Even when I changed my mind or didn’t like the taste.

You see, my eight year-old self hadn’t realised two immutable laws of dining:
(1) The capacity of my tummy is finite.
(2) Regardless of the variety of dishes on offer, only one meal can be eaten at a time.

Over the years, I have found the same logic to be at work in life.

Life is finite. It starts. It ends.
Life is one. Everything has to fit into the one life you live.

Everyday, we are tempted

So many options to choose

We can be anything and anyone

But our time on earth is limited.

If you don’t like what you’re getting right now,

Stand up and join the queue once more.

Because the time is passing,

Lunch is soon over,

And the restaurant never runs out of rice.

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