Wardrobe Malfunction 202101311732 

Technically, it was…

A pair of misbehaving new socks…
A new pair of misbehaving socks…
A misbehaving pair of new socks…
A new misbehaving pair of socks…

Anyway, the socks sucked!

So I shall make a fresh attempt this evening

With fresh socks [o]

The End, Beginning 201906232133

The fading evening sky hides
The blur of moving trees

In the distance, bright points of light
Like diamonds gleam

Through the tunnel, a rushing sound
A city and appears and then it is gone

Without a trace

My chair travels fast without moving
The minutes pass with every mile

The end is our beginning [o]

Psyche, Drama Queen 201812311010

Must I suffer for my beauty?
Sometimes it is all too much!
Abandoned by my lover, Cupid
Tasked with never-ending tasks

Sinking now beneath the waters
Is there no one who will save me?

Psyche, drama queen in art [o]

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