The End, Beginning 201906232133

The fading evening sky hides

The blur of moving trees

In the distance, bright points of light

Like diamonds gleam

Through the tunnel, a rushing sound

A city and appears and then it is gone

Without a sound

My chair travels fast without moving

The minutes pass with every mile

The end is our beginning [o]

An Eye For Composition

Stand back…

Next picture in 3…2…1…

20180912 London L1060900 Eyes For You Only resized
Wednesday evening, autumn.

I wait underneath a bridge. The overcast skies make for constant light levels, set camera to f/4, 1/125, ISO-1000. The camera lens is pre-focussed and I stand facing the mural that is to become the backdrop of my image. All that is left to do is wait.

Except, I am hungry and I have a train to catch.

I have taken this picture before. I have stood in this exact spot and waited before so I know what to expect. People saunter past the mural, caught up in their own worlds, barely conscious of my rather conspicuous form across the road, dressed in black and grey.

Today is about timing. Getting someone to be in the right position in my frame. And all this must fall into place in the next 5 minutes. Did I mention I have a train to catch?

Several shots later, I walk towards the station.

One week goes by. I select the single picture that will be shared with the world. The remaining photos are sentenced to purgatory – the twilight zone that exists between my main collection, archives and the trash bin.

Post-production editing is completed relatively quickly. No major issues to deal with today. I perform the final composition test.

The final composition test relies on guide lines that intersect at the main points of interest in the picture. These drawn lines are then superimposed on a solid colour background to check that the abstract representation that it produces is visually pleasing to me. It is my ‘add-on’ extension to the more commonly applied (and somewhat simplistic) “rule of thirds” principle.

This is my secret formula. It is not a novel idea by any means.

It is not rocket science.

20180912 London L1060900 layout guidelines
Today’s results are satisfactory. All checks are complete. I search for a suitable title.

Upload. Tag. Share.