Thunderstorm 201502111639

I feel the skies darkening

The tension builds, the clouds swirl
Suddenly it is all around me

Lttle rivers of mud appear at my feet
Is it the water or the wind
That cools my cheek?

An immense sadness and relief
floods my world

I cry as I remember the falling rain

When I am six [o]

Precious, Life 201702100746

Life is meaningless,
Life is precious

Fine soil, streaming through our fingers
Days spent on mindless tasks

Worship money, justify suffering
Of others and ourselves, an endless pursuit

Everywhere, the poor and the infirm are the same
Walking past, how we avert our eyes

Ascribing meaning to that which has none –
Of precious things, we lose our sight [o]

Psyche, Drama Queen 201812311010

Must I suffer for my beauty?
Sometimes it is all too much!
Abandoned by my lover, Cupid
Tasked with never-ending tasks

Sinking now beneath the waters
Is there no one who will save me?

Psyche, drama queen in art [o]

(1) Birmingham Museum, Psyche, Rescued by Naiads From Drowning, Jean Baptiste Marie Pierre –
(2) Cupid and Psyche –
(3) Psyche, Rescued By Naiads From Drowning, Jean Baptiste Marie Pierre –
(4) VADS, Psyche abandonne par l’Amour, recueillie et consolee par les nymphes, Jean Baptiste Marie Pierre –